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Drizzle becoming heavier,
drying ~noon, westerly winds

Pacific Populaire
2013 Photos

Total Riders: 796
Total Finishers: 740
Attrition Rate: 7.0 %

Do you have event photos? Why not send them to me and I'll include them here.
Send to: eric_fergusson@telus.net

Happy 100 km Finishers
Photo: George Muenz

John Bate's Early Morning Registration Photos (5 Images)

Eric Fergusson's Start Photos (21 Images)

Jacob Murray's 100 km Route Photo Diary 40 Images)

Paul Whaley's 25 km Route Control Photos (8 Images)

Dan McGuire's Photos from the Canada Line Bridge etc. (9 Images)

Stewart Yee's Photos from the 50 km Route (13 Images)

Bob Irvine's Photo of the 100 km Start (1 Images)

Monique Osborne's Photos from the Finish (2 Images)

Your Photos Here (xx Images)


Photos taken by:
John Bates, Eric Fergusson, Dan McGuire, George Muenz,
Jacob Murray, Paul Whaley and Stewart Yee
April 7, 2013

(Top photo: Jacob Murray)