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Cloudy becoming Sunny, Mild to Moderate Winds

Pacific Populaire
2006 Photos

Total Riders: 277
Total Finishers: 266
Attrition Rate: 4 %

Photos: Benjamin Lewis & Stephen Hinde (mainly)
also: John Bates, Eric Fergusson, Gowlin, Bob Koen & Bob Marsh
(Shortcut to Ben's flickr pages)


Most of the photos above were taken by Benjamin Lewis. These and many more of his 2006 Pacific Popualire photos are posted on his flickr account pages: here (direct link to event photos: here.) There are a number of different sizes of these photos - to see different sizes select the image, then click the "all sizes" above the photo, to the left. Benjamin is encouraging us to add comments to the photos - it's fun and easy... give it a try.

Top photo taken by Benjamin Lewis
All photos - April 2, 2006.