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2006 Pacific Populaire
Organizing Committee

Ride Organizer - Danelle Laidlaw
Permits & paperwork - Alex Whitfield
Routes & maps - John Bates
Promo card design - Jaye Haworth
Promo card distribution - Eric Fergusson & Danelle Laidlaw
Other publicity - Ron Penner
Food - Deirdre Arscott
Pre-Registration/Results - Danelle Laidlaw
Registration table - Anja, Wendy Amirault, Ali Holt, Roger Holt, Laura Penner & Michel Richard
Clothing sales - Ali Holt
Traffic control -
Gary Baker, Eric Fergusson, Pat Martel, Jeff Oh & Val White (in cooperation with the VPD)
Starters -
John Bates & Ken Wright
Spanish Banks control -
Beth Bryce & Ken Wright
Woodward's Landing control - John Bates, Scott Gater, Manfred Kuchenmuller, Alard Malek, Margaret Moreau & Barb Pope
Finish line - Anja, Wendy Amirault, Danelle Laidlaw, Pat Martel & Ron Penner
25 km route sweep - Ali Holt
50 km route sweep - Pat Martel
100 km route sweep - Val White (1st half), Eric Fergusson & Michel Richard (2nd half)
Pins - Karen Smith
Pin design - Ali Holt
Photos: John Bates, Eric Fergusson, Stephen Hinde, Bob Koen, Ben Lewis, Bob Marsh...
Web site: Eric Fergusson

Volunteers' pre-ride (100 km), March 25
photo provided by John & Danelle

Top photo taken by Benjamin Lewis
April 2, 2006