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2022 Pacific Populaire
Organizing Committee


Event Coordinator - Anna Bonga
Assistant Coordinator - Mike Hagen
London Landing Coordinator - Manfred Kuchenmuller
Spanish Banks Control - Deirdre Arscott and Susan Barr
Registration - Étienne Hossack
Website -Eric Fergusson
Insurance - Dug Andrusiek
Financials - Colin Fingler
Equipment Manager - Dave King
Photography - Eric Fergusson
Check-in Coordination - Colin Fingler
Safety Officer - Roy Neifer
Riley Park Crew - Ian Anaud, Deirdre Arscott, Jacques Bilinski, Barbara Bradbury, Zeljko Bratic, Patrick Fingler, Eric Hagen, Andrew Hartline, Pol Igmen, Kang Lee, Malou Ignacio, David Lach, Maurice Lui, Roy Neifer, Keith Nichol, Ross Nichol, John Oswald, Mireille Paré, Cloe Solanki, Peter Stary, Ron Stewart and Catherine Tsao
Ride Send Off - Mike Hagen
Traffic Control: Flagger at Ontario and West 25th - Jacques Bilinski and Kang Lee
Traffic Control: Flagger at Ontario and West 33rd - Gary Baker
Traffic Control: additional traffic help - Chris Cullum and Andrew Rapier
London Landing Crew - Barbara Bradbury, Jacques Bilinski, Anna Bonga, Eric Hagen, Maurice Lui, Margaret Moreau, Shiro Ogawa and Catherine Tsao
25 km route sweep - Nigel Press
50 km route sweep - Gary Baker and Sheryl Henderson
100 km route sweep - Nigel Press
Finish Control Check-In - Colin Fingler and David Lach
Pin Order - Karen Smith
Finishers Pin Design - Ali Holt

Top photo: Eric Fergusson, April 3, 2022
(50 km route starters)

Volunteer photo: Eric Fergusson