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2019 Pacific Populaire
Organizing Committee


Ride Organizer - Will Danicek
Registration: waiver station - Gary Baker, Jacques Bilinski, Anna Bonga, Colin Fingler & Jeff Mudrakoff
Registration: control cards/route sheets station - Barbara Bilinski & Keith Nichol
Snack bar
- Dave King
Club clothing & gear -
Malou Ignacio & John Oswald
Starter -
Will Danicek
Spanish Banks control -
Deirdre Arscott & Bob LePage
London Landing control - Colin Fingler, Geoffrey Kuchenmuller, Manfred Kuchenmuller, Cheryl Lynch, Margaret Moreau, Russel Ogden, Nigel Press, Tom Skinner & Morgan Taylor
Finish control
- Barbara Bilinski, Jacques Bilinski & Will Danicek
50 km route sweep - Gary Baker
100 km route sweep - Kevin Bogle, Anna Bonga & Mike Hagen

Pins - Karen Smith
Pin design - Ali Holt
Web site - Eric Fergusson

Everybody did just about everything to make the event work!


Top photo: Eric Fergusson, April 7, 2019
(25 km route starters)

Volunteer photos: Eric Fergusson