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The Basics of Organizing a Brevet: The One-Page Cheat Sheet


Here is a helpful summary of the things you need to know and do to organize a brevet. It was put together by Holland Gidney in 2014, and passed along to the Randonneur Committee and webmaster by Vancouver Island coordinator Mike Croy. The author councils that this is "to be used in tandem with the Ride Organizers' Checklist":

See the text in several forms: One-Page Cheat Sheet [PDF] or One-Page Cheat Sheet [Word doc] or:


Pre-season planning (with Regional Brevet Coordinator, aka RBC):
1. Commit to a date and a distance
2. Choose your route and determine the start/finsh

Once route is chosen:
3. If pre-existing route, get the Excel file for the route, which contains control card, route sheet & more, from the database (may need to ask RBC for help)

2-3 weeks before brevet:
4. Recruit event-day volunteers
5. Determine pre-ride/pre-drive date

1-2 weeks before brevet:
6. Print off control cards and route sheets for pre-riders (on control card, use date of actual brevet)
7. Pre-ride/pre-drive: check over route and update route sheet as needed; decide on location(s) of any secret controls; take pictures for the newsletter
8. Finalize route sheet and email to RBC
9. Set up RandoPony pre-registration: http://randopony.randonneurs.bc.ca/organizer-info/
10. Optional: Following your volunteer pre-ride, send some route notes for uploading to the event page in the database. (e mail database person)
11. Send email to BC Randonneurs listserv about the brevet & any other marketing
12. Determine volunteer placements & permissions to set up controls (if needed)
13. Get brevet supplies from RBC (control signs, brevet box, tent, etc)
14. Buy any supplies needed for controls (food, water, Gatorade, etc)
15. Print off control cards, route sheets, waivers, etc.
16. Request pins from RBC

Day of brevet:
18. Set up registration
19. Sign up new members: collect money & forms
20. Register riders: distribute control cards and route sheets; collect money & forms
21. Officially start ride (don’t forget to take pictures)
22. Register any latecomers
23. Be responsible and reachable during brevet: answer phone, deal with emergencies, liaise with volunteers, etc.
24. Staff control(s) if needed and/or communicate with volunteers staffing control(s)
25. Track DNFs
26. Be at finish during opening hours to check control cards, record finishing times, and distribute pins

27. Post rider names and results to BC Randonneurs website (email database manager(s)). Include names of all volunteers and a brief description of the weather.
28. Mail in control cards, waivers, membership forms (to Cheryl Lynch) at club PO box mailing address
29. Mail in financial report, cheque and receipts (to Treasurer) at club PO box mailing address
30. Thank volunteers and others who helped ensure brevet was successful
31. If a rider is injured during the ride, complete the “incident report” form.
32. Write post-ride report and submit with photos to newsletter editor
33. Return brevet supplies to RBC or next brevet organizer

Club PO Box mailing address:
BC Randonneurs
PO Box 3014 Cultus Lake Stn Main
Cultus Lake, BC V2R 5H6


September 2014
Up-dated as needed