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October Flood Route 200
Permanent #216
Ride Date: October 29, 2023
by Karen Smith

Permanent #216
Sun, Oct 29, 2023
200 Km
12 hrs 6 min

It was minus 1 degree Celsius at the start, and it felt more like January than October. I had frosty roads for the first hour and a half.
The temperature reached a high of around 12 degrees, and it was 5 degrees at the finish. It was somewhat windy.

It ended up being a very long ride! I had a flat at around 153 km.
It took me over an hour to fix it!
Needless to say that my last hour and a half was in the dark!
I have good lights, but the rural roads out here are very, very dark. I was happy to see the street lights in the last 10 min of my ride, as sparse as they were, it was better than the earlier farm/industrial roads.

My back had been really sore, not sure why, for about a week before this ride.
So it was a tough ride for me…




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November 9, 2023