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Photos from Mark Payten

Chili 200
Ride Date: March 25, 2023
by Mark Payten

This March 25, 2023, event started at 7 am to temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius. There were moderate winds from the north which made it feel a little bit brisker than that. Although the skies were not clear there was only a sprinkle of precipitation during the whole day.


There were two starting locations to accommodate those who chose to come over from the mainland on the Ferry. Buddy's house, located in Saanich, very close to the Victoria border served as the main start. It is here where the Chili was to be served. Seven riders started from this location. Three riders began their explorations of ten of the thirteen communities that comprise greater Victoria at the "Lost Airmen of the Empire" memorial at YYJ.

All but one of the starting riders completed the route. The DNF was because they were encountering issues with their electronic navigational devices. When they fell back on their route sheet, they found that their eyesight was making it difficult.

The chili at the end of the ride and at the 168 km point of the ride for the three northern starters was appreciated. Both the vegan and meat versions received rave reviews. Thank you, Laurie, for preparing both dishes from scratch. Thank you, Buddy, and Cathy for being excellent hosts. Thank you, riders, for making this enjoyable for the volunteers!



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March 27, 2023