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March P#90
Permanent #90 "How Flat is the Valley...", 201 km
(Modified Route)
March 19, 2023
by Gary Baker

For me this was a brute of a ride. With NE outflow winds approx. 120km of the route is 'quartering' or riding full on into the wind. Across the Matsqui Flats and Sumas Prairie did me in with another 60+kms to finish. I'm notorious for forgetting the 'Golding Rule of the Wind'. ..... resistance is futile. I conscientiously planned to reduce my already slow pace crossing these 'exposed' wind zones, but clearly in hindsight not slow enough. I was riding at sub 15kph, when I arrived at the White Spot/Starbucks (across from the now closed Yellow Barn) my knees were SCREAMING!!!!! I decided to throw back three Tylenol 500 Extra strength (anything to knock down the pain) and stop for 20 minute.

I always call my wife from this location to give her some estimate of my ETA. I had trouble hearing what she was saying as there were 'Harleys' roaring by, she said she was having the same issue and asked me where I was. I said at the White Spot, she replied, "I'm at the Starbucks.". She had ridden the 20km from Cultus Lake with the hope to meet and surprise me...she succeeded ! She had a latte, I downed another 'Boost' then we rode together to the Keith-Wilson Bridge were she turned onto the Rotary Vedder Loop Trail (south side) to return home. I carried on towards Chilliwack and Rosedale. Rosedale is my turn around point to head west back to Chilliwack. Salvation...tailwinds all the way home....!

In warmer months this is a fun route as one get to enjoys the SW thermal winds for much of the route. Perhaps when the NE winds are blowing doing it counter clockwise is worth considering. That will likely have to wait until next November or December. Brevet time now.


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March 21, 2023