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PBP Registration Changes
Update of PBP 2023 Registration Including Some Important Date Changes
March 16, 2023
Mark Payten

Paris Brest Paris News Flash!

We have had correspondence from Randonneurs Canada that some of the dates have been changed. I went to the registration page on the PBP website to read the changes firsthand.
The digest version seems to be:
- ACP has modified the PBP pre-registration process to allow riders with no BRM brevets in 2022 to pre-register (starting on March 25).
- The date on which pre-registrations will be cancelled if not converted to full registrations has changed from June 20 to June 10.

Quote from the site:
On the PBP official website, a pre-registration system will be open from Saturday January 14, 2023 (at noon French time) to Saturday May 27, 2023 (at noon French time) for anyone aged 18 at least on the day of departure and having completed at least a BRM (or a RM 1200 and + considered a BRM 1000) from November 01, 2021, to October 31, 2022, as well as without BRM from March 25.
With your preregistration, you will reserve a place for the PBP 2023 in a departure wave, as far as there are enough available places.
You will have to convert your pre-registration to a final registration (with at least 3 BRM numbers) before June 10, 2023, otherwise your spot will be released.



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March 16, 2023