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Gravel Initiative Update
February 21, 2023
Mark Payten

At the 2022 BC Randonneur AGM, a committee was struck to investigate gravel and dirt events within the club. The committee has been productive and are ready to slowly move forward into some trial events.

Some key points from our first two meetings:
- Gravel events are auxiliary to, not replacements for, ACP events.
- A BC Randonneur gravel (Grando) event is defined as 100 km or more with more than 25% of unpaved surface.
- For now, Grando events will show in the database as Populaires. The distances in the title are arbitrary. To see the actual distance, the prospective rider must read the narrative in the text box. Once permanents are part of the database, then the grando events will become a type of permanent.
- Rider registration, waivers, .gpx downloads, and route sheet printouts will be completed through the database.
- We will test the Randonneur USA and Audax Australia rules for gravel rides during the event by having both methods on a single control card.
- Riders will upload their own control cards.
- Results will be posted similarly to current brevet results.
- During this development period, there are no extra fees. The ride is free to all members.

Vancouver Island will host the first gravel event of 101 km on March 11th. The lower mainland (124 km) and interior (190 km) initial routes have been selected. No dates have been chosen yet, but the events will be later in the season once route conditions are suitable.

Come on out. Have some fun! Give us some feedback.


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February 25, 2023