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January 216
Permanent #216 "Chilliwack Flood Route", 200km
January 20, 2023 by Karen Smith

Permanent #216
Jan 20 (Friday)
200 km
11 hrs 52 min

It was 1°C in the morning. I was worried about black ice, but I didn't come across any.
I did ride over a short distance of ice in the shoulder within a few minutes of my start.
But it was plain old ice and just crackled under my tires.
I had a high of 6° and it cooled off as soon as the sun went down and I finished in 2°.
I was comfortable the whole time.

I had a flat tire on Ballam Rd, and it took me a l-o-n-g time to repair it!
I haven't had a flat in a while, and I think I need a tutorial in tire changing so that I can do it quicker!

The good thing about having that flat was that it put me in a beautiful scene around sunset.
Pink mountains to the right of me, orange sunset to the left!
Surrounded in GORGEOUSNESS!
I wouldn't have had that vantage point, at that time, if I hadn't had the flat...
Silver linings... : )

Michel joined me for the last 50 km for the very dark farm roads...
Glad to have done my January Permanent.



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January 29, 2023