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Valentines P#90
Permanent #90 "How Flat is the Valley...", 204 km
February 14, 2023
by Gary Baker

The weather looked promising, better than anything looking forward to month's end. It was -1°C when I set out and it remained very much on the damp, cool side until after 9AM when the morning sun began to warm things up. When not in shade the sun felt OH so good. Thankfully there was virtually no wind. Overall it was a pleasant day to be out on the bike. The traffic was light and surprisingly respectful, but there was a surprise.

This route follows Glover Rd from the # 10 Bypass to Ft. Langley. As I approached the turn to the connector road to 232St. Hwy # 1 overpass there was a HUGE sign that indicated the Glover Rd. Hwy # 1 overpass would be closed until *'Summer 2024'.* Now what? I could detour using a new road from Glover Rd. to the new 216St. overpass or head for the 232 St. overpass. Either detour would push my total distance well in excess of 210km. I elected for the 232 St route to the east then doubled back to Glover Rd. once over Hwy # 1. Ft. Langley was very busy, people everywhere; it felt like a Saturday. So, I noted the time and rode through stopping at the commercial area at 264 St/56 Ave for a short food stop.

The most challenging aspect of the ride was it was 'Valentine's Day'. Thankfully I have a very understanding wife. What did she do during my absence? ...she went for a bike ride.?


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February 18, 2023