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DNF P#148 @ 166 km
Ride Date: October 31, 2021
by Barry Monaghan

This is Barry's check in message following a rare (for him) permanent DNF. I thought other riders would be interested. Barry agreed to let me put it in the newsletter. [EF]

I had a little incident on this one but nothing serious and nothing broken.
Unfortunately I could not finish the ride.

I had just signed in at the Port Coquitlam control all ready to push off for the last stretch when the freehub body, I believe, didn't engage with the prawls causing the crank arm to spin suddenly, which caused me to lose my balance and fall over hitting the ground.
I have a swollen left hand, which is healing very well so no worries there.

I tried to continue for a bit but soon realised it's better to come back another day and fight again so I abandoned at Prairie and Shaugnessy. The pain was building up and I would not have been able to slam the brakes on hard if I had to.
I headed for the nearest skytrain station and headed home.
Only had about 34 km left. Damn!

Otherwise the ride was going really well and I was heading for perhaps just inside of 10 hours. I rode on October 31.

Until the next one.



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November 8, 2021