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Early Bird 200
Ride date: March 16, 2019
by Cheryl Lynch

BC Randonneurs lucked out with the weather for the Early Bird 200. It was a spectacular morning, with crocuses in full blossom and fruit trees just beginning to bloom. The sun was rising over the harbour as we crossed the Lions Gate Bridge.

Ten of the 46 starters were first time randonneurs. Our favourite was ‘Debate’ (Susan chased him down when his seatbag was dangling, shouting “Debate,” while David was wondering what it was all about), who was wearing t-shirt, arm warmers, tights and runners, but flying past us on hills he had never ridden before.

The enthusiasm was palpable. “Are you going to Paris this year?, “No way,” from one of the almost-octogenarians who was out (there were two out riding this 200), also flying past us on the hills.

There were several anciens out (still flying up the hills!) – Barry (started with the club in 1985), Peter (in 1986), Keith (in 1986), Mike (in 1986), Anna (in 1987), Manfred (in 1987), Eric (a relative newby in 1992), and Ross (in 1994).

I rode with Susan, Anna and Jaime (and Jeff, who towed us into the wind out to the Iona control). When the going gets tough, the gentlemen tend to go to the front, Jaime was also no exception. It was a treat to be riding at the same pace with two other women, and seeing so many friendly faces on the route and at the controls.

Shiro was manning the Spanish Banks control, himself closing in on octogenarian status, choosing now to volunteer with the club and do shorter rides, just to stay healthy without spending hours in the saddle. As we were chatting with Shiro, watching everyone out biking, walking, running and enjoying the amazing day at the beach, a passing cyclist commented to her group, “The randonneurs are out today,” as she passed the BC Randonneur Control Sign.

The Iona control was a veritable patisserie, with home-made Paris Brest. There were about 20 riders hanging around in the sun when we arrived (and Paul “throwing together” more Paris-Brest for later riders). It took a while to extricate our little group from the pleasurable ambiance there J.

By the time we were riding through New Westminster, I was well-aware that in wool socks, booties, wool gloves and a beanie, I was overdressed. The max temp was 21 (in sun at the Po-Co control).

The icing on the cake, after a super-fun day with so many riders out on their beautiful bikes, was the finish at a craft brewery, with a big table at the window overlooking all the happy bikes resting in the sun, awaiting their next brevet!

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March 17, 2019