2019 Results
BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

2019 Lower Mainland - Various 200s

Brevet Coordinators:
Nigel Press

200 km
"Early Bird 200"
Ride Organizer(s):
Paul van Wersch
Dave King

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200 km
"I think I remember that night"
Ride Organizer(s):
Étienne Hossack

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200 km
"Fall Flatlander"
Ride Organizer(s):
Russel Ogden

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200 km
"October 200"
Ride Organizer(s):
Jeff Mudrakoff

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200 km
"11th Hour"
Ride Organizer(s):
Craig Premack

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Ride-Day Volunteers:
Shiro Ogawa

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Tobin Henderson
Ryan Cousineau
Kyle Oxborough

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Gary Baker
Ronald Stewart
Barry Chase

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Karen Hossack
Gary Sparks

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Allison Voth
Luke Moloney

Warm and sunny.

Cool, but a warm summer's night. Warmer on the freshly-paved asphalt of the mission bridge. Dark. Because it was night.

Overcast, sunny periods.

Really nice.

Cool, mostly dry. Favourable for drafting your friend for 199km then racing ahead for those 3 extra minutes of glory.

Geordie McGillivray7:44
Nigel Press7:44
Chris Cullum7:56
Keith Fraser7:56
Mike Hagen7:56
Russel Ogden8:07
Peter Stary8:18
James Vercammen8:53
Barry Monaghan9:07
Chris Nybom9:07
Jacques Bilinski9:34
Dave Campbell9:34
Erik Hagreen9:34
Susan Barr9:43
Anna Bonga9:43
Jaime Guzman9:43
Cheryl Lynch9:43
Dave King9:50
Paul van Wersch RE9:50
Jacob Hardes9:57
Dale Ramage9:57
Tom Skinner9:57
Morgan Taylor9:57
Ian Lee10:07
Luke Moloney10:07
Jeff Mudrakoff10:07
Gary Sparks10:07
Colin Fingler10:33
Ross Nichol10:33
David Lach10:34
Taylor Briggs10:52
Eric Fergusson10:58
Kyle Oxborough11:02
Will Danicek11:15
Manfred Kuchenmuller11:15
Joanna Gower11:53
Nathan Spratt11:53
Yildare Shui Ying Hui12:24
Everest Kao12:24
Ka Ho Lui12:24
Shek Chiu Tsui12:24
Boon Wong12:24
Rick den Braber RE12:30
Corey Attwell13:17
Maciej Szarecki13:20
Andrew HoodDNF

45 Finishers

Alex Cojocaru7:45
Colin Fingler9:41
Mike Hagen9:41
Jeff Mudrakoff9:41
Theo Wyne9:41
Ryan Cousineau VP10:39
Tobin Henderson VP10:39
Étienne Hossack VP10:39
Will Danicek11:25
Michael Gottlieb11:25
Kevin Oesef11:25
Eric Fergusson11:44
Kit Campbell11:51
Bob Koen12:53
Manfred Kuchenmuller12:53

15 Finishers

Alex Cojocaru7:12
Andrew Hartline7:14
Matt Lee7:14
Mike Hagen7:39
Dave King7:39
Colin Fingler8:10
Gary Sparks8:10
Laura McIvor TA8:30
Craig Premack TA8:30
Siegfried Palme8:37
Deirdre Arscott8:48
Gary Baker8:48
Anna Bonga8:48
Sarah Stolz8:48
Gary Tyler Vittie8:48
Cheryl Lynch TA8:53
Jeff Mudrakoff8:53
Nigel Press TA8:53
Eric Fergusson9:00
Shiro Ogawa9:00
Alan Wood9:06
Will Danicek9:26
Rick den Braber RE9:26
Manfred Kuchenmuller9:26
Alard Malek9:26
Yildare Shui Ying Hui9:51
Nick Lai9:51
Ka Ho Lui9:51
Barry Chase VP10:07
Russel Ogden VP10:07
Keith Ng10:25
Mark Wan10:25
Ronald Stewart VP12:10

33 Finishers

Colin Fingler8:15
Mike Hagen8:15
Dave King8:15
Matt Lee8:15
Nigel Press8:15
Susan Barr9:15
Graham Fishlock9:15
Deirdre Arscott TA9:21
Anna Bonga TA9:21
Rick den Braber RE9:21
Alard Malek9:21
Ka Ho Lui9:49
Shiro Ogawa9:49
Ronald Stewart9:49
Alan Wood9:49
Everest Kao10:32
Jeff Mudrakoff VP11:16
Gary Sparks VP11:16
Barry ChaseDNF
Yildare Shui Ying HuiDNF
Nick LaiDNF
Maciej SzareckiDNF

18 Finishers

Daniele Reda8:59
Dmytro Zhukovets8:59
Chris Cullum9:13
Ian Lee9:13
Nigel Press9:13
Murray Tough9:13
Paul van Wersch9:13
Colin Fingler10:19
Bob Goodison10:19
Jeff Mudrakoff10:19
Mauve LeRoy VP TA10:37
Luke Moloney VP TA10:37
Craig Premack VP10:37
Kit Campbell10:46
Michael Gottlieb11:20
Ka Ho Lui11:20
Étienne Hossack11:23
David Lach11:23
Barry Chase11:49
Eric Fergusson12:05
Yildare Shui Ying HuiDNF
Nick LaiDNF
Laura McIvorDNF

20 Finishers

Times measured in hours and minutes - hh:mm
* Unofficial result
VP = Volunteer Pre-ride
TA = Tandems
RE= Recumbent
FX = Fixed Gear
SG = Single Gear