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Larry Voth, Davis Lach and Roy Neifer
at the ballam control on the pre-ride
Photo: Ron Stewart

Fall Flatlander 200
Pre-ride & Route Info
by Ron Stewart

This year, the Flatlander has a new route. The beginning of the route is pretty much the same as usual up to the Yellow Barn, with a detour around some road construction on Township Line Road near Highway 11. Then you will explore some roads north of Chilliwack, stop at the brand new Tim Horton’s in Popkum, and also visit Arnold. I have removed the excursion up Chilliwack Lake Road and the two left turns at the Vedder bridge. After the traditional stop at the Birchwood Dairy, the route is the same as the last few years.

The three volunteers who prerode it with me on Saturday seemed to enjoy it. I hope that you’ll come and give it a try!


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September 16, 2014