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December Permanent
Permanent #41 "Nanaimo Country Club 201", December 2, 2013
by Graham Fishlock

A personal message from Graham that I thought you all would enjoy. Reprinted here with Graham's permission. EF


Managed to squeeze in a permanent yesterday just before the weather window closes for December. I know how difficult it can be, at times, to get in a December permanent. I waited until mid-morning before starting to allow any ice on the roads to melt and this plan seemed to work well. While it was a cold start regardless, it was actually a very pleasant day. I had a good stiff 25 km tail wind from the NW that sailed me down from north Nanaimo to Mill Bay. This gave me extra time for 3 sit down eat stops. And to my delight, the return north had little wind. Lovely twilight in the early evening with a comfortable hour of darkness to cycle. And then to make me feel extra smug, on the short drive home from Chemainus to Yellow Point, the skies opened up with heavy hail and some snow.

Details: Nanaimo Country Club, 201.9 km, permanent # 41, Dec. 2nd. Time: 9:05

With relief to fit in an early Dec. permanent,

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December 3, 2013