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Gord on Tour BC, 2003
Photo: Don Hollingshead

Gord Cook Remembered

Gord Cook, member 330 died on November 3, 2013. He started randonneur cycling in BC in 1990 and was an active rider through 2004. He was strong cyclist - especially fast over the shorter distances. He was also a long time member of the Randonneur Committee, and was Club President in 1994. Most recently he and wife Doreen staffed the Golden control at the 2008 Rocky Mt 1200. Thanks to Danelle Laidlaw for forwarding this sad news. Danelle found this link to his obituary. (Reproduced further down the page.)

Additional (Dec 23 & 28): Photos of Gord are rolling in. Manfred Kuchenmuller found 21 of them. Bob Koen scanned the prints and put together a Picasa gallery. They are of varying image quality, but are a nice portrait of Gord. Danelle also sent in some photos taken by photographer Don Hollingshead on Tour BC from 2002-2008, and these too are now in Bob's gallery, linked below. Also below is a link to Manfred reflections/memoral to Gord elsewhere in the newsletter.

Gord Cook Gallery
(Picasa - 27 images)

On and off the saddle with Gordie
by Manfred Kuchenmuller

Gord Cook, Danelle Laidlaw, Sean Kelly and Dan McGuire
(All four were part of the support crew for Blazing Saddles (Irish fundraser for the blind). 1998 - Portugal.)



November 7, 2013