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Permanent #78 - Dunbar to Deroche (200 km)
by Étienne Hossack

So given the last wonderful ride around Greater Vancouver, I chose a route that had wonderful long stretches on the highway. It was great :)
Leaving at a lazy 10am from the modified start of the Grindstone on Broadway, I settled into traffic along Broadway/Lougheed, enjoying the amount of cues I had to follow (not many!!)
The sun was seriously beating down though, so by the time I reached Mission I was sweating like nothing else. And in a cast, that is less than pleasant.
But the tailwinds out to Deroche meant I made great time and kept cool. At the general store I ended up buying and leaving sunscreen - still feel like that was better than burning….
The return trip to Mission was filled with delightful headwinds and pushing as hard as I could I could barely make 23km/h.
The roads around Poco and Port Moody were certainly pleasant however, and my control just conveniently ended up being Dairy Queen! (Though I was far too gone to have consumed a blizzard, even if it was miracle treat day).
After the Barnett Highway was finished, the rolling hills of Adenac were more noticeable, but still pleasant in the sun. Similarly the stopping/going of Vancouver could have been more fun, but hey! No pain, no gain :)
After a final burst up Dunbar fuelled by an energy gel, I cruised back into the Grindstone Café to get my card signed.



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August 15, 2013