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Photo: Bob Goodison

Midway Republic 400
Organizer's Report
by Doug Fox

I think I’m more tired from an hour’s sleep here and there than I’d have been had I done the ride. A knee issue keeping me off the bike for the longer distances, I waved 11 intrepid and trusting souls off at 05:00 on this years Southern Interior 400. I’m told, by survivors, that it was variously…great, hard, very hard, cold, and windy….so I guess a little bit of every kind of available fun was had, depending on one’s outlook and timing along the route. Sunshine and moderate temperatures rendered the 3500+m of climbing not as brutal as might otherwise been the case. 8 finished, 1 had knee issues, rendering me empathetic, and 2 decided enough was enough at about 236k.


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May 27, 2013