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Peace 2012 Signs of Spring 200 km
by Wim Kok

The 2012 Signs of Spring (actually 211) is history. Completed the distance in 10:01 under very windy conditions. The second part (92 km) was completed with WSW winds (28-46 kph); and gusts up to 55kph, while the course went South. This did affect the average somewhat. I had one companion who is not a member, but Dan Webster persevered in the same time as I did. The amazing part is that Dan had only 250 km on the road this season. He commutes to work, rain or shine, summer and winter and works out on the wind trainer. The 100 and 150 km populaires saw the return Eric Snucins, another amazing story. After returning from his successful 2011 PBP, he did not touch the bicycle until no more than two weeks before the populaires. No winter training for him,except yoga. Judging by his times, he had enough muscle memory and residual conditiioning in him.. Both riderrs reminded me a bit of the story you wrote on Larry Wasik: Getting away with Murder ( By the way Dan figured out the mystery of the Signs of Spring. They are snow in the days leading up the event and lots of wind during the event.


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April 29, 2012