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Chili 200 Report
Club Season Openner in Victoria

by Brynne and Mike Croy

Here's a message from Brynne and Mike from 9:03 a.m., a couple hours after the start. (Mike's ride report to come later.)

Hi Eric:

We had 15 eager and enthusiastic riders show up this morning including a few new rookies giving a 200 there first shot. Guido had a sleep over with us last night and we had many other familiar faces show up this morning.

Dierdre was so eager to do the ride she showed up yesterday to do the ride but realized she had shown up a day early when the house was still shut down at 6:45 am and when back her dads house. She is going to come back over at 11 and help us prep and cook the chili for people later.

The weather seems fairly decent for all riders today, we will keep you updated as the ride progresses.

Mike and Brynne


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March 4, 2012