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Eleventh Hour 200
by Tracy Barill

We had 17 riders for this brevet (including one pre-ride – me from the day before) with 16 finishers. For those I did see at the controls, start and finish smiles persisted through the day despite the weather. Feedback on the route was very positive. The day stayed at about 5-8 C all day with rain starting around 1100. Winds aided and hampered.


· The ACP route was a modification of a Permanent route – then revised from unsolicited but much appreciated suggestions from Shiro Ogawa, Dug Andrusiek, Gary Sparks, Ron Penner and Barry Chase
· Volunteers were integral to the ride’s success – Dave Robar (start control and Porteau Cove) - Guido and Allison Van Duyn (Iona Park control in the wind and rain) – Gary Sparks (start control). Their efforts were much appreciated and voiced by all finishers
· Keith Nichol demonstrated new uses for the doggy poo bags as shoe booties
· David Gillanders again showed perseverance into the early hours of darkness arriving with reading glasses perched on the end of his nose – he re-affirmed my belief that this sport demonstrates its metal in all participants and certainly in those who stretch a day to its fullest
· Bean Around the World at Lonsdale Quay opened an hour early without being requested after being told that some crazy riders would be starting and finishing a 200k bike event from their premises. Hot drinks, pastries, meat pies and vegetarian wraps were enjoyed by most riders after the ride amidst collegial post-ride conversation
· Jeff Mudrakoff showed off his impressive jersey from the down under 1200 held in October
· Unofficially, Cheryl Lynch surpassed Danelle Laidlaw (the previous long time record holder) for annual brevet distance for a female rider with her successful completion today
· 16 riders began their PBP quest early, completing the first event in a qualifying series – this ACP 200k qualifies for 2011
· this brevet likely marks 2010 as the longest ACP brevet season yet for the BC Randonneurs with ACP brevets held 9 months of this year

All the volunteers seemed to take joy in being a part of the ride. While not all brevets require the support enjoyed today, their support helped flavour the ride.

I feel privileged to help coordinate this brevet, having thoroughly enjoyed connecting with each of the riders and volunteers through the day. In a day of Remembrance, it sure was a celebration of the freedom we all enjoy both on our bikes and off.


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November 12, 2010