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Hathaway Tid-bit
by / from Harold Bridge

Harold writes:

Have just discovered, rather re-discovered, a piece in a "CYCLING" dated 1957-03-31, the following tit-bit:
(Note; this is before "Audax" caught hold in Britain)

"Deplorable conditions prevailed for much of the Beacon RCC's 5th annual 200 mile (322kms) reliability trial. The 88 starters (of 104 entrants) left in groups of 15 at 10 minutes intervals from midnight on the Saturday into a strong south westerly that blew throughout the ride. Light rain fell throughout the early hours and increased just after day break until just before lunch time. But, altogether, 41 riders claimed medals for completing the distance within 15 hours......... Among the "under 15 hours" was Johnny Hathaway (Coventry Meteor) shortly returning to Canada after an 18 month visit home."

I suppose that was part of his training for the 24 day 13 hour Halifax - Vancouver record he did unsupported later that year.


October 30, 2007

Maybe this is a good opportunity to remind people about the John Hathaway Memorial page. It contains Harold's retrospective of Hathaway's life, as well as some photos and memorabilia:

Hathaway Memorial Page