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Keeping Records
by Harold Bridge

I think there is a requirement for organisations such as the BC Randonneurs' Cycling Club to report all activities.
There should be anyway.
I don't think it should always fall to anyone member to take on this responsibility.
However, as the organiser responsible for the Annual General Meeting (who didn't think to instruct a volunteer to do do a report)
I shall take the job on myself. Event organisers should detail someone to do it, or do it themselves.
Despite an unusually wet Sunday morning on September 30, several members turned up early enough to go for a ride around the eastern end of the Lower Mainland.
They all came back full of the joys of fall while leaving a trail of water enroute to the Bedford House toilets where a rubdown & change was accomplished before lining up for the buffet.
Almost all those who booked turned up. A couple of non-starters were replaced by unbooked people and a total of 60 were seated.
After the buffet we quickly voted in the new committee, thanked the old one and distributed pins. This was achieved by the keen participation of Bob Koen's young son as well as Alex & Barb Pope's children.
The rare opportunity to chat had everyone standing around nattering for quite a while. We were given a hint when the lights went out!
I won't be arranging the AGM next year.
Ray Parker wants to use the Stonehouse Pub walking distance from Swartz Bay Ferry terminal.
That will be a novelty.
Next thing: About 75 of you are required to volunteer for Rocky Mountain 1200 duties. If you have yet to experience staffing a control you may be surprised how enjoyable it can be. But that relies on having enough volunteers. Not enough & we tend to suffer burnt out.
Membership does have its responsibilities.


October 9, 2007