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Princeton Hell Week Summary
by Ali & Roger Holt

Congratulations to all the riders who participated in Hell Week and a huge thank you to all the volunteers who made it possible. The Princeton Hell Week truly lived up to its billing… it was as hot as hell, it was certainly as hilly as hell, the headwinds were really hellish, and it was a helluva a lot of fun. A total of 13 riders participated, riding 9,300km over the 4 brevets.

Congratulations to Susan Allen, Eric Fergusson, Ali Holt, Roger Holt, Sigi Palme and Alex Pope for completing the full 1000km (300km-200km-300km-200km) series in the 4 days.

Congratulations also to Jeff Mudrakoff who completed the 300km - 200km - 300km brevets for a total of 800 km and to Susan Barr, Jerome Lavigne and Keith Patterson for completing a 300km - 200km brevet each for a total of 500km, to Doug Latornell for completing both 200km brevets and to Tracy Barill and Tina Hoeben for each completing a 300km brevet.

Congratulations also to Eric Fergusson and Alex Pope; the only two club members who “doubled”, completing both the Island Eau d’Hell Week in the spring and the Princeton Hell Week last weekend, great job!

A huge, heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers who supported the riders over the 4 days of brevets, your assistance was absolutely invaluable.

Thank you to Jerome Lavigne for helping with the start on Friday’s Twin Lakes & Black Sage 300km and to Bob and Patti Marsh for roving the route supplying ice and water to help us stave off heat stroke.

Thank you to Bob Marsh for helping with the start on Saturday’s Merritt 200km and to Danelle Laidlaw and Susan Barr for manning the water stop at Aspen Grove on the way up and back. Danelle’s home made banana cookies and Susan’s watermelon were life savers.

Thank you to Doug Latornell for helping with the start on Sunday’s Summerland - Richter Pass 300km and also for manning the first shift of the water stop at the top of Richter Pass. Thanks also to Keith Patterson for manning the second shift on the Richter Pass water stop. The water, ice, watermelon and assorted goodies were very welcome after that sustained climb in the heat.

Thank you to Jerome Lavinge for helping with the start of Monday’s Tulameen – 3 Lakes – Hedley 200km and also for helping Keith with the Tulameen control. Thank you to Keith Patterson for driving out to Tulameen and setting up a control to speed us on the way. Thank you to Bob Marsh for manning the Princeton control, providing water and bathrooms. Thank you to Barb, Casey and Danica Pope for manning the Stemwinder control and to Danelle Laidlaw and John Bates for also helping with the Stemwinder control. With ice, water, watermelon, assorted pops, chips and snacks; this was a welcome refueling stop before battling the dreaded headwinds the last 33km back into Princeton.

I can’t find the words to stay just how much we appreciate what Bob and Patti Marsh did for us all over the weekend. They opened their home and their kitchen for everyone, always willing to lend a hand, help someone out or just feed us for the whole long weekend. They put on a wonderful impromptu gourmet pasta supper on Thursday night for all the riders they found in town fueling us all for Friday’s 300km ride. They hosted the whole group (20 of us) on Saturday night at a fabulous outdoor BBQ after the Merritt 200km where we feasted on Bacon wrapped Pork Tenderloin and an array of delicious salads, vegetables and desserts. They provided water, ice, a staging place for control supplies and any support needed throughout the weekend. On Monday night, they were still taking in cards and feeding the stragglers. Thank you very much to Patti and Bob for everything.

Additional - from an e mail message by Susan Barr to the riders and volunteers at the Princeton Hell Week. She is responding to Ali and Roger's message above:

I'd echo these congratulations and thanks. Bob and Patti, I remember the end of a Cache Creek 600 Km ride at your home in Maple Ridge a couple of years ago. It was POURING rain and I was frozen -- you provided a hot shower, wonderful food, and good company, and turned the memories of that ride completely around. This time, the conditions were much more favourable, but the two of you will head the "memory list" for this weekend - for all the reasons Ali and Roger mentioned (AND for living in Princeton, which is an awesome place to ride!).

The only thing missing from Ali and Roger's message was heartfelt thanks to the two of them for organizing such a perfect weekend. The routes were wonderful, and I was surprised by the variety of scenery and terrain. Monday's 200 km was "truly memorable" - you have it on record that I was actually too hot :-) . And the fact that you did all the organizing and "keeping track" while completing all 4 rides is impressive indeed. Thank you SOOOO much.


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August 7, 2007