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Interior 400 "Cariboo Circuit" Report
by Richard Blair

A pleasant 0500 start out of Kamloops marked the start for the five riders on the Interior 400km brevet, also known as the Cariboo Circuit. The weather remained dry for most of the ride, but all the riders encountered at least one relatively short downpour. The winds were moderate and, most importantly, stayed primarily at our backs. To offset the advantage of the tailwind, the 404km route offered the attraction of a recorded 3,896 metres of climbing. Unmarked and unbroken rumble strips with plenty of gravel to the right of the strips spoiled the highway from Clinton to the Highway 24 turnoff. Animals were plentiful, with Manfred Kuchenmuller spotting a fox, your scribe encountering a black bear sitting at the side of Highway 24 which moved upon hearing "Yo, bear, get off the road". That directive was probably assisted with the arrival of five motorcyclists! Also seen was a moose which we suspected had been injured, and numerous deer. The five participants were:Bob Goodison and Randy Benz, both finishing in 16 hours, 35 minutes; Richard Blair in 18:35; and Alard Malek and Manfred Kuchenmuller both in 22:03, on what Manfred called a tourist ride complicated by mechanical difficulties. We are now looking forward to our 600km brevet, the Okanagan Whine Tour, on June 9.

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May 27, 2007