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There is Always Something to Spoil One's Plans
(Thank Goodness!)
by Harold Bridge

Have you ever done a foolish thing & then sighed a sigh of relief when you realized it prevented you doing something really stupid?
A few decades too late I finally got to see the Bike Fit Guru, Keith Barry (Baz) Lycett, on Tuesday, May 29. I parked the wagon at Tsawwassen (I spelt it!) & we, Mariposa & I, boarded the 11:00 sailing to Swartz Bay. The ride into Victoria was fairly straight forward as I translated Baz's route instructions into a fairly accurate BC Rando type route sheet. It was only required for the intricate bit round U.Vic.
Cleats, saddle and brake levers all got adjusted, and the computer indicated I was applying 50% power from each leg. At about 16:60 I bid KBL farewell & set out for the 19:00 ferry.
Along Lochside Trail I was caught by a young girl on a decent bike. We rode the rest of the way into Sidney's Lochside Drive where she turned into home. Working in Victoria as she does gives her a beautiful commute. But just before we parted she mentioned her13 year old son! It's not she is a young girl, it's me being an old man.
The ride back to Swartz Bay was definitely different to the ride south. The differences in the position were noticeable. But climbing the stairs on board the "Spirit of Vancouver" hurt my knees, but not seriously.

It is 5 years since I last earned an "SR" & I felt I should try for one more. But conditions & routes conspired against me so that I decided to try in the summer series. But as I should be in Ireland in August I will miss the summer 600. That led me to think about Cache Creek & it's 600. So, on Wednesday I decided to go to my LBS for another lamp.
I went at the wrong time, 15:00, school out, & there was a solid line of traffic on Coast Meridian Road. But as I was crossing from east to west I had an empty north bound pair of lanes & made for a gap in the line of south bound cars. I have lived on CMR since 1983 and I know full well it is no longer a 2 lane road but now a 4 lane highway. Then why did I go straight through that line of traffic without checking the curb lane?
Incredible luck meant the car hit my rear tyre. I say that because there was no sign of damage on the front of the car. I landed fairly heavily on the road & was instantly helped up by concerned mothers. The only visible damage to me was a graze on my knee. A woman from the city insisted I be seen by paramedics & she phoned. Soon the ambulance was preceded by the fire engine, all sirens awailing!
I was pronounced too good to be shot & allowed to continue to my LBS, albeit with rear brake released to allow the rear wheel to rotate. I would normally do that journey on my winter/utility bike. But as I had just completed the handlebar & brake lever change on the Mariposa I wanted to do a ride on it to check it out.
When I got home I spent about 20 minutes truing up the wheel. I couldn't get it perfect, but rideable. While doing that I became aware of a pain in my ribs. At the clinic the doctor said he didn't think I had any broken ribs & even if I did they would, if left, heal in the own time. When I undressed for bed I found a bit raw patch on my shoulder.
This morning, Thursday, I decided the wheel needed more than my spoke key. But it might be a day or 2 before I get the Mariposa back on the road & that is the only bike I could attempt the Cache Creek 600 on.
As I said, doing something foolish has stopped me doing something really stupid!

Harold Bridge 2007/05/31


May 31, 2007