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Kamloops-Merritt-Kamloops 200
Ride Report
by Richard Blair

The 200km out of Kamloops to Logan Lake and return via Merritt attracted 12 riders. It was on the cusp of freezing as we left Kamloops and got colder as we ascended towards Logan Lake with puddles at the side of the road being coated with ice. Fortunately the only snow we encountered was off the road. As is typical, the eastern leg from Lower Nicola through Merritt and north to Quilchena gave us the opportunity to cycle into a brisk headwind. The ride just would not be complete unless we had a headwind on that stretch. Traffic was light throughout the ride. Lots of newly born calves along the route and a fair number of raptors, including an osprey, several hawks and another bird which might have been an immature bald headed eagle. An uneventful but pleasant ride.

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April 22, 2007