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Bridge Damage
by Harold (Bridge)

The snow came at the right time as I had spent a lot of time preparing for new upstairs carpet arriving Dec 4. But on Saturday morning I decided after 2 weeks off the bike I should go out for about 40kms. Left home about 09:40 and as I like to be visible I was wearing my luminous yellow jacket. Thought about driving over the PRB, but decided on my regular route down the PoCo Trail to cross the bridge on the foot path. As I descended the ramp on the east side I saw a group of racing types approaching at speed. No problem, I stayed over by the barricade & there was room for them to pass by. I thought it strange that a group going that speed would use the foot path, if I'm pressing down a bit I stay on the road's shoulder. But of course it does depend when it was last swept whether that's a good move or not.

As the lead riders drew level with me a bloke at the back decided to go to the front and was coming straight at me. As he was wearing dark shades I could only assume he saw me. But the infamous post socket that sticks out of the middle of the path 2 or 3 cms was the object of his attention and by the time I realized he wasn't looking where he was going it was too late to yell, swear or pray. I seem to remember 2 front wheels being up at face level before we both hit the deck. I was fairly comfortable resting against the barricade while I checked my self over. We both got up straightened bars and saddles, checked wheels. My Peter Pazeda wheels hadn't move a mm.

Some of the group came back to administer the last rites and then I saw one of them was Alex Pope. That reminded me I was supposed to phone Alex and Barb to arrange to pick up my Flatlander expenses cheque next time I went out for a ride. He suggested that if I felt up to it after the crash that we both ride back to his place and collect the cheque. This we did. But as we were about to set off I realized my 44cm Cinelli Giro bars were badly bent. It is possible that by having the bars absorb the impact saved me some broken ribs. Anyway, the bars got me to the Vatican and home again.

I got home right on noon with a 37km addition to my C-KAP chart. I hadn't sweated so I checked the bike's alignment (seems okay) and had lunch before showering.Then I saw blood running down the drain. I traced the source to a missing strip of skin at the top of my right calf and it was difficult to stop the flow. I found what I think is the strip of skin among all the gore inside my tights. Taking them off had opened up the wound. I walked up to the clinic where the doctor and I got into conversation about cycling in UK. He said the wound was too wide to stitch & I have to re-dress every day for 10 days and take 4 anti-biotics a day as well. The worse part is, I have to stay off it to speed healing. Later in the evening I realized my chin is bruised and lifting things today tells me my left shoulder has some damage.

My Bolles with the prescription inserts are almost always used with the rose coloured lenses. I find them dark enough to deal with our sunshine and no hindrance in dull conditions or indoors. If the guy I collided with hadn't have been wearing shades that were too dark for the conditions my luminous yellow jacket might have done its job. After all, we were within sight of each other a lot longer than it takes to check on the post socket. I don't ever remember a post being in that socket and I think it could be removed. Kevin Falcon has been informed.



January 8, 2007