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John Jamieson Dies, Age 94
by Richard Blair

John Jamieson, a regular rider on the Kamloops brevets in the late 1980s and early 1990s died on January 1, 2007 at the age of 94. He did not start cycling until after he retired, but made up for many of those lost years with a vigorous riding schedule which saw him putting in huge mileages around Kamloops and the Interior coupled with his randonneuring endeavours until he reached his mid 80s when health caused him to stop riding. John partnered with Bob Boonstra on a tandem for many brevets. John also rode competitively in the B.C. Senior Games. When the weather got too ugly for him to cycle -- a rare occasion -- he cross country skied, another sport in which he competed. He was a quiet individual but a solid rider and good company. He also disliked purchasing new tubes a discovery we made when riding a 300k out near Sicamous when he suffered yet another flat tyre and one of us counted 12 or 13 patches on the failed tyre. He got his value from those tubes and we valued knowing and riding with him.

January 8, 2007

Deirdre Arscott had a few things to add:

A few things that I remember about John Jamieson:

... He completed his first 400km event at age 80! It wasn't an easy 400 km event either, Kamloops, Cache Creek, 100 mile house, Little Fort, Kamloops. He stopped for a few hours sleep and completed the ride in 23 hours. He was in amazing shape... I remember him jumping over the cattle guards unlike some of us 'younger' riders who chickened out and walked... Good natured, polite, quiet, charming and a pleasure to ride with... He seemed to have a horde of pleasant blond haired 40 year old women to train with! (Maybe that's what all randonneur men need to train for a 400km!)

January 8, 2007