BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

40,000 km  Pin

The 40,000 pin is awarded to a BC randonneur whose life-time event distance (brevet/fleches) reaches 40,000 km. As with the Hathaway ("Iron Butt") award, the rides can be ridden anywhere in the world assuming that the rides are recognized by ACP or RM. All BC randonneur club members who live in BC are eligible for the award. Riders who don't live in BC are also eligible for the award if they have ridden at least 20,000 km in BC randonneurs brevet/fleches.

Why 40,000? 40,000 km is almost exactly the circumference of the earth. Ride around the world once (in events), you get the pin! Concept of the award by Michel Richard. First awarded in advance of the 2006 season. Here is the growing group riders in club 40.

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Photos by:
Denis Préfontaine?, Winston Wai, Ray Parker, Don Hollingshead, Ray Parker, Doug Latornell, Ken Bonner, Rikew Sakai, Danelle Laidlaw, Gerry Nicol, Yutaka Moriwaki, Noboru Yonemitzu, Guido Van Duyn, Nigel Press, Dave Cambon, Ryan Golbeck, Eric Fergusson, Ali Holt, Stephen Hinde, keith Nichol, Jerome Lavigne, Bud MacRae, Sigi Palme, Jeff Mudrakoff, Donald Boothby, Karen Smith, Maindru, Paul Whaley, Sandy Stedman, Craig Premack, Deborah Ford, Michel Donnet, Deirdre Arscott/Bob LePage, Gary Sparks, Rob Welsh and Will Danicek.

Pin design: Karen Smith
Pin concept by: Michel Richard & Karen Smith