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Welcome to the 3rd VanIsle 1200 !
(Page updated for the 2014 ride)

The VanIsle 1200 (3 a.m start, July 14th-18th 2014) is a low-key 1200 kilometer randonnee featuring scenic seaside vistas and West Coast wilderness. Starting and finishing in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, the route travels along the Strait of Georgia, in-out across Vancouver Island to the former mill town of Gold River before returning to the drop-bag control at Campbell River and onwards to the northern turnaround at the logging & fishing town of Port Hardy.

Rider Information:
Cost: [$300.00 US or Canadian] The entry will include C$10 mandatory membership in the BC Randonneurs Cycling Club. (Cost will be $10 less if already a member of the BC Randonneurs Cycling Club). Due to fluctuations in currency, if you wish to pay in Canadian funds please provide a money order, bank draft or check in Canadian funds.

Entry: On or after December 1st, 2013, email the ride organizer that  you intend to participate in the 2014 VanIsle 1200.   Once you receive a confirmation reply that you are on the list you then have two weeks to complete the following:

  1. Locate the entry form [word .doc] on the VanIsle 1200 home page. Locate the BC Randonneurs membership form, BC Randonneurs General waiver form and  Event waiver form  (both on the BC Randonneurs forms page).
  2. Print all four documents.
  3. Fill out the entry, membership and two waiver  forms.
  4. Send them with your cheque, money order or bank draft inserting the British Columbia Randonneur Cycling Club as payee, and mail to the address on the form.


Rider Limit: Increased to 60 riders. A waiting list will be started when we reach the 60 rider limit.  

  1. To be on the wait list, please complete the 2014 VanIsle 1200 entry form listing the required qualifications.  
  2. Email your 2014 VanIsle 1200 entry to the organizer.  
  3. We expect an attrition rate of about 25% between now and the event.  You will be notified by email when there is an opening.  Pay particular attention towards the end of April 2014 and the end of May 2014 (see refund policy below).
  4. When you are notified there is an opening you will be required to mail your Canadian dollar cheque, money order or bank draft inserting the British Columbia Randonneur Cycling Club as payee, a hard copy of the entry,  the BC Randonneurs membership form, BC Randonneurs General waiver form and  Event waiver form  (both on the BC Randonneurs forms page) to the organizer's address on the entry form.

Rider Qualification: Registrants will have successfully completed a 1000 km brevet or a 1200 km brevet in 2012, 2013 or 2014, or have completed the 200, 300, 400, and 600 km brevet series in either 2013 or 2014.

Rider's Bicycles and Reflective Material:
- This ultra distance brevet is limited to riders pedaling human-powered bicycles or tandems. bicycles with more than two wheels are not permitted, as many of the roads are narrow.
- Riders' bicycles must be in excellent mechanical condition as the northern 600 kilometers of the route travels through isolated wilderness.
- A strong front-light and at minimum one red, rear tail-light are required to be mounted on the bike. Back-up lights and batteries must be carried with the rider.
- Reflective material is highly recommended on rear seat-stays, crank arms and front forks; in addition, a
reflective vest or sash is also highly recommended for rider safety.
- A 
reflective safety triangle hanging from the seat, seat bag or on the rear side of the rider ; and ankle bands are required to be worn from dusk to dawn for the duration of the event.  These will be supplied at check in.
Rider Insurance: Each rider is responsible for ensuring that they have adequate insurance coverage, such as travel medical insurance, liability insurance, travel cancellation insurance and adequate vehicle insurance. It is highly recommended that each rider consult with the appropriate insurance broker to determine the rider's insurance needs.
Cycling is an inherently risky activity. Cycling over long distances over unfamiliar terrain at all hours of the day and in sometimes heavy traffic, as a single cyclist or when riding with a group of unfamiliar cyclists increases the risk of injury. Each rider must be prepared to look out for their own safety and ride cautiously. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable ride experience.
Rider Support: The plan is to have a staffed drop-bag control at Campbell River (293/472/949 km controls); and, a staffed control at the Gold River Chalet motel (Gold River - 382 km). The Rugged Mountain Motel at Woss Camp will be staffed, but with no bag-drop (605/817 km controls). For those who ride through the night, the deli at Gold River closes at 10 pm; and the convenience store at Woss closes at 8 pm; all other controls will be near 24-hour stores; or have a question that needs to be answered on the control card.
- Be prepared-there is no on-road support. Riders abandoning the ride will notify the organizer of their decision and find their own way back to the start-finish.
- Riders may arrange to have their own private support vehicle. Private support persons may only provide assistance to their rider at the official randonnee controls.
Controls / Drop bags: There will be 3 manned controls, but no food or rooms for sleeping. Drop bags will be transported to-from Campbell River and can be accessed at 293 km; 472 km; and 949 km, Another manned control is at Woss (605 km; and on the return about 817k), but there will be no bag-drop there.
Weather: July is usually a fairly good month. However, it usually rains somewhere along the way, usually on the north end of the Island. Temperatures during the day, if it is sunny, could be 21 C-27 C. Early morning riding just south of Port Hardy can be very cold ... down to 3-4 degrees C. (Usually a very damp cold, sometimes with a mist.)
Wilderness: There are several long stretches of wilderness. We also have black & brown bears that Paris-Brest-Paris does not have, so sleeping along the road on the way north or west of Campbell River is not recommended!

Route Overview:
Victoria –Campbell River- Gold River - Campbell River - Port Hardy - Victoria
- Approximately 30,000 feet of climbing, mostly undulating.
- More detailed route information on VanIsle 1200 Route page.

Can-Am Pin:
The coveted Can-Am pin. is awarded to riders who complete a 1200k in Canada and a 1200k in the United States of America in the same calendar year. It is our understanding that in 2014, the only Canadian 1200k is the VanIsle 1200. It is planned that the Can-Am pins will be awarded at the finish of the VanIsle 1200 finishers brunch for those ambitious riders who complete the Washington State Cascades 1200, More on the the award and the 2009 Can-Am pin laureates here: Can-Am 2009

Vancouver Island:
Largest North American Island on the Pacific Coast: 454 kilometres long and 100 kilometres wide; 3,440 kilometres (2150 miles) of coast-line.
- Highest waterfall in North America - Della Falls in Strathcona Park drops 440 metres (1,443 feet).
Learn more about Vancouver Island on a separate page.

There are also separate info pages for information about: Accommodation and Event Locations.
Questions? Be sure to check out the FAQs page.


Steve Mahovlic
r 2013