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The 3rd
VanIsle 1200 Route - 2014

The 2014 route may be found here 2014 route file
You may use this route to create your own GPS file. It has been recommended that you break the file into three portions.  2014 GPX files
The official route sheet will be provided at the start.

Route Information:

Start: The ride will begin promptly at 3:00 am, Monday, July 14, 2014

The VanIsle 1200 terrain and amount of climbing is somewhat similar to PBP (except we think our ocean and lake views are much nicer.)
Approximately 30,000 feet of climbing, mostly undulating, averaging about 5,000 feet of climbing per 200k.
There are only 3 significant climbs in each direction. Heading North out of Victoria, the rider climbs the scenic Malahat which rises approximately 300 metres (1100 feet) over about 10k (6 miles), the steepest grade is about 7%. The other two significant climbs are over the hump between Campbell River and Sayward (about 10k (6 miles) at about 5%; and, finally, the 7-8% climb for about 3k (2 miles) out of Sayward, heading for Woss.
(These climbs are all repeated on the return)

Population / Facilities - South : There are many towns from Victoria north to Campbell River (about 250k).

Beyond Campbell River: After Campbell River, there are only a couple of small 'villages' until one reaches Port Hardy. The wilderness portion of the route begins west and north of Campbell River. There are no reasonable places to sleep on the side of the road. Bears, cougars (mountain lions) and deer call this area their home. Be cautious around wildlife. Most convenience stores and cafes north and west of Campbell River close between 20:00 and 22:00. There is a 24 hour convenience store-gas station in Port Hardy.

Traffic / Trucks: There are about 700,000 permanent residents on Vancouver Island, most of whom live on the South and East coast of the island ... they drive a lot of vehicles, plus there are many tourists. As a result, there is quite a bit of traffic on the main highway. There's not a lot of traffic west or north of Campbell River, other than some long haul trucks which riders have reported as being courteous. Logging trucks and dump trucks are not courteous, but there only a couple stretches around Campbell River where they occupy the highway. Riders will be glad to leave all the traffic behind after Campbell River, but will be just as glad to see 'civilization' at Campbell River on the way back!

Weather: July is usually a fairly good month. However, it usually rains somewhere along the way, usually on the north end of the Island. Temperatures during the day, if it is sunny, could be 21C-27C. Early morning riding just south of Port Hardy can be very cold ... down to 3-4 degrees C. (Usually a very damp cold, sometimes with a mist.)

The Course in BriefFollow this link to the map, then you can follow the course as outlined below:
    - Start is at Tim Horton's Donut Café, Saanich Plaza, in Saanich (Greater Victoria) at the intersection of Hwy 1 & Hwy 17
    - Head north on the Trans-Canada Hwy (Hwy 1), taking a scenic ride to the first control in Cedar, (just north of Ladysmith). Continue north through Nanaimo, Parksville, Courtenay, Campbell River, west into Gold River, back to Campbell River and north again to Sayward, Woss Camp and to the turnaround at Port Hardy.
    - Turn around, return to Campbell River, then on to Ladysmith.
    - Then, stay on the main highway back to Victoria and the finish, through Duncan.

Significant Controls (times approximate - 24 hour clock  - the control card may vary slightly)

Plan your rest breaks accordingly.  See
Beyond Campbell River above