2011 Schedule - Draft
(Updated October 11, 2010)


Lower Mainland

Vancouver Island

Southern Interior

Peace Region
Jan 1

Mar 12
Spring Social

Mar 19

Mar 27 (Sun)  

April 2  
April 3 (Sun)

April 9  


100 km
April 9-14  
Hell Week:
200, 300, 400, 600
April 9, 10, 12 & 14
April 16

150 km
April 22      
(Good Friday)
April 23  



April 30

May 6-8

Flèche Pacifique

May 14  


May 21


VictoriaD May 21-23
May 28  



June 4

June 11  


June 18


June 25

July 1 (Fri)


July 2  
200 (Nanaimo)
July 9

July 16

July 23

July30 - Aug2
White Rock
Hell Week:
300, 200, 300, 200

[BC Day]

August 6


August 13

 200 (Sunshine)

August 20  

August 21-25
Paris Brest Paris
August 27
300 400 600

August 28
Sept 3-5


[Labour Day]

Sept 5
Sept 11 (Sun)  

200 (IsleLander)
Sept 18 (Sun)

200 (Flatlander)
Sept 24      
Oct 2 (Sun)

Oct 8


[ThanksG Oct 8-10]
Oct 15  

Nov 11 (Fri)

Rides in Black are the rides that would likely have been scheduled in 2011 on the pattern of recent years.
Rides in
Purple are expected to have significant out-of-region appeal.
Ride in
Orange... PBP

200 200 200

A few notes:

This is the raw schedule. I've taken the liberty of including things that I think everyone will already agree with:
- Repeating the very popular early bird 200 on the mainland.
- Eau de Hell week, assuming that Ken is still happy to run this.
- The Princeton Hell Week, that was such fun in 2007
- Both the Peace and Interior make-up rides were a hit, and Lee has requested one for the Island.

Obviously the 2011 schedule is shaped by PBP.

The PBP registration window is June 4-17. Most riders have preregistered this time around, but registration is when we need to come through with qualifying brevet numbers etc. (I think.) I haven't had a chance to talk to Cheryl about weather our late June 4th and June 11th 600s will put our riders at any sort of disadvantage. So we'll have to sort that out.

Lee Ringham had the idea that the single Island series (not counting EdH) could be pushed more into the middle of the season. After some backing and forthing we agreed that this was not the year for it. Island riders should have the opportunity to qualify for PBP. Lee likes that idea of introducing Nanaimo Populaire on June 25. It would feed into a Nanaimo 200 the following weekend, and then the Island make-up would be two weeks later.

Notice that LM mainland make-ups weekend has the 200 on Sunday. This was Ali's idea. People seem to like back to back 2s and 3s, including most recently in Super Week.

I'm floating the idea of not scheduling BC day and Labour Day LM 1000s. Maybe we want to nudge people to give Princeton HW a try. And Labour Day is a little close to PBP. (But we can put them back in if desired.) Notice that instead I've tentatively left in the Thanksgiving 1000. Maybe riders will feel pumped after PBP. And riders who didn't ride PBP can still ride a late season sea-level 1000.

Bob Goodison can't organize the interior 1000 next year, but we're putting it on the schedule anyway. Someone will probably run with it.

The Peace Region rides are not Wim's dates - as always he will deliver his own dates.

Dug Andrusiek mentioned that his wife might be interesting in riding brevets but works Saturdays. This has come up before - some people work weekends. Do we want to entertain the idea of mid week BRMs?

So maybe there are other ride ideas out there. I know Ken Bonner has some. And I've heard casual talk of ideas for LM 200s. If ideas don't get the thumbs up, there's no reason that suggested rides can't be run as organized permanents. We're under utilizing this option. Kevin's 2nd summer 200 this season should probably have been a permanent. Wim's extra 200s could be permanents. The Nov 11th 200 idea is untested, though is on the schedule for 2010. Maybe this should have been a permanent first, and if popular could have been made a BRM the following year. Permanents also give riders that flexibility to change the ride dates because of weather, or what ever. We've got this great new thing - let's figure out how we can make permanents better work for us.

Eric, September 8, 2010

Other Events and Holidays - 2011:

Time Change Weekend - March 13
Spring Break - March 19-April 3
St. Patrick's Day - March 17th, Thurs
(Which Saturday is the accompanying celebration day? Probably March 19)
Seattle 200 - March 12?
Easter Weekend - April 22-25 (Fri-Mon)
Vancouver Sun Run - April 17 (Sun)

Vancouver Marathon - May 1 (Sun)
Mothers Day - May 8 (Sunday)
Victoria Day Weekend - May 21-23 (Sat-Mon)
Summer Solstice - June 21 (Tues)
Canada Day - July 1 (Fri)
BC Day Weekend - July 30-August 1 (Sat-Mon)
Labour Day Weekend - September 3-5 (Sat-Mon)
Terry Fox Runs - September 18 (Sunday)
Thanksgiving Weekend - October 8-10

For easy reference: 2011 Calendar - Canada (external link)

Rides/Ideas Under Consideration for 2012:



Upcoming Easters (Sunday):

2011  Easter: April 24
2012  Easter: April 8
2013  Easter: March 31
2014  Easter: April 20
2015  Easter: April 5

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