PBP Stories -1999

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

(More about the source of this text - Gerry's PBP99 info archive)

[Note that on this one the Subject line says "PBP 95" - probably a mistake given the date of message.]

From: "Mark Tharp" <jmrdse@email.msn.com>
To: <randon@cyclery.com>
Subject: PBP 95
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 11:20:35 -0700

I finished my third PBP at 9:38 Thurs. evening (64:38), and the
event was as memorable as ever. Perhaps it is the four years
between events, but for what ever reason PBP seems just as exciting,
just as much fun, and as great an experience as the first time.

A few quick impressions - good and bad -

1, ACP organization was supurb, especially considering that there
was more than a 15% increase in participation over '95. Everywhere
I found people helpful, concerned, and involved. To be sure,
mistakes were made (one may keep me from being an official
finisher), but everyone seemed to be giving there best efforts

2. There seemed to be more people than ever handing up water, pieces
of chocolate, helping to direct us through difficult intersections,
or just standing at the roadside and applauding. They never seemed
to get tired. When we arrived just outside of Guyancort for the
finish, a soccer team halted practice, and to a man, turned and

3. It could be just chance, but I rode with far fewer dangerous
riders this time. There seemed to be a better level of experience
and judgement - especially for the start.

4. On the other hand, there were far more riders who behaved as
pigs - you know who you are. Riders by the hundreds were throwing
down on the road or in the roadside whatever they were through with.
If you had room in your pockets for an energy bar, you certainly
have room for the wrapper. And what is the deal with tossing spent
batteries? Is your mama going to come out later and pick them up
for you?

5. What do the French do with all the money they save by not buying
toilet seats?

6. Finally, is there any people anywhere in the world with less
interest in weather forcasts? Everytime I asked they looked at me
like I had just asked for the lastest futures prices on Brazilian
cocao beans or something. They would always ask around, but no one
EVER had seen or read a forcast.

Great event. Great ride. I wish I could do it all over again next