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Some field notes from Dave and Rick who were out doing different routes on the same perfect day.

Perfect Sasquatch
by David Gillanders

Paul Lahti & I completed the Sasquatch 200 permanent yesterday in bright sunshine. Our elapsed time was 8:45.
  One of the highlights of the brevet was a large field between Dewdney and Deroche that featured long rows of cultured blueberry bushes whose leaves had changed from green to fall colors of varying shades of yellow, orange, and rusty red lit up by brilliant sunshine!
   People had stopped their cars to take pictures of the spectacle!
    We had a nice tailwind out with an almost non existent headwind on the way back. Ideal.

Chilliwack, Crescent
by Rick Den Braber

I completed this route on October 24, 2009. The time was 11h 11m and the distance was 201.2 . Unlike Gary Baker's write-up calling it a beast because of the wind etc., my day was perfect. No wind! even on Sumas Prarie, about 11 degrees, some sun and some cloud but no rain! Awesome day - saw about 8 or 9 Great Blue Heron's in Chwk Abbotsford. For some reason when I ride all alone I go a little slower. Had a few miscues on the route so I did a few extra kms perhaps that is where the extra time came from. I had hoped to do it around 10 hrs plus. Oh well.

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October 25, 2009