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Here is a personal note from Graham about his frigid Cowichan 200. [Eric F]

Graham's January Cowichan (Permanent 8)
by Graham Fishlock

Just a note to confirm with you that I completed Permanent #8 (Tour of the Cowichan Valley) yesterday, Jan. 20th. I started in Chemanius with a temperature of -4 degrees. My water bottle soon became reduced to a thin pencil of liquid surrounded by a block of ice. Some hills were so slick with black ice that I had to resort to riding deep in the gravel shoulder----fortunately I was riding with my fat 35mm tires. Ice on the road began melting around 11:00 and then the roads became wet and very mucky around Lake Cowichan. People were still shoveling snow from driveways in the Lake Cowichan area. And all day, I had trouble staying warm. I pedaled into Chemanius just as the fog was descending so glad the ride was finished. I have never been so cold for so long. It all confirms with me that cycling is intended to be a warm weather sport and on the drive home I promised myself I would hang up all my bikes until the low temperature for the day reaches 20 degrees C. However, I will probably break my promise as early as tomorrow.

I finished in 9:50. I hope you can find a warmer day this month for a Jan. ride. I may have to retreat to the relative balmy climes of Victoria for another permanent if our weather does not improve soon. It is getting hard to brag to my relatives back East if this continues.

Ride date: January 20, 2009
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January 21, 2009