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(photo: Roger)

Roger, Ali and Manfred successfully completed this new permanent route on possibly the foggiest in a string of foggy days here in Greater Vancouver. I had learned that they finished in 13:26 - so just 4 minutes before the time cut off. I wanted to know more. Roger offered the explanation below and was kind enough to include the photo, above. This scenic route will also be this year's Lower Mainland spring 200 km. [Eric F]

Buccaneer (Permanent 38)
by Roger Holt

Yes, it was close…my 3rd (this one as yet unexplained, although the sidewalk was littered with crud) flat occurred @ the apex of the Alex Fraser bridge just before 8:00pm. At this point we had about 28 km to go, and Ali’s speed was down to about 20 km/hr (she hasn't been on her bike since the beginning of November). I have attached an [accurate] picture of the sights we saw along the way, except for the nighttime portions, of course.

Good news... Later Roger found a photo from the finish:

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(photo: Roger)

Ride date: January 17, 2009
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January 18, 2009