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Madam Prez Says

Danelle Laidlaw


The randonneuring season is well and truly underway, in fact, in some regions we are halfway or more through the first series. Geez, at this rate, the summer will be over before we know it! We launched the season with well attended Populaires, 200's, 300's, and 400 (in some cases). It is hard to keep our schedule straight sometimes with all the regions and the great selection of rides that we have.

A selection of new routes have come onto the slate which from all accounts will attract new riders and encourage riders to try rides in other areas. First of all, there are the Peace River Region rides. Wim Kok is diligently attempting to interest cyclists to try a new type of cycling. Wim is doing a great job even though the weather has not been co-operating for him.

Then, in the interior, we have a whole new raft of rides that Ray Wagner and John Bates have put together. If the events that have happened so far are any indication, this series will be an interesting one. Both the Mica Dam 300 and the Merritt 200/300 routes have received kudos. It is true that the temperatures and the winds could have been a little kinder, but that aside, the routes were truly charming and challenging.

The development of new rides keeps riders interested in doing these long rides and gets more people involved in our club. If you have some ideas for rides or have discovered a road which could be incorporated into an existing route to give it a new flavour, then feel free to pass the information along to our Route Co-Ordinator. And for those of you who are into the more techie stuff, if you have done things like make up profiles of the routes, pass them along too.

I am delighted to see so many people out on so many of the rides. I think the season has got of to a great start - keep it up.