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Volunteers Needed for July 1st Ride

Harold Bridge


The second Canada Birthday randonnee will be held on the appropriate date and I shall need some volunteers to get the 134 km event to run smoooothly. The start/finish is to be at the Fort Langley Community Hall on the west side of Glover Road a little way north of where 96th Av intersects Glover Road. Same route as last year (and should be good for next year as well).

* Start: 4 people
* Straiton Hall: 2 people
* Sardis: 2 people
* Huntingdon: 2 people
* Aldergrove Lake: 2 people
* Finish: 2 people

Some of these jobs can be doubled up, but many hands make light work. If you can help, please contact Harold Bridge at 941-3448.