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Super Brevets Scandinavia

Audax Clubs Nordiques


Audax Clubs Nordiques like to invite you to the 3rd Super Brevets Scandinavia. SBS is a Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux a 1200 km randonnée, allure liebre, July 21-25 2001.

Distance:1201 km, 751 miles.

Time Limit: 90 hours

Start Time: Saturday, July 21. 2001, 07.00 am

Place: Vandrerhjem"Fladstrand", Buhlsvej 6, Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Finish Time: Tuesday, July 25. 2001, 01.00 am

Place: Vandrerhjem "Tangen", Skansen 8, Kristiansand, Norway.
Qualification: Brevet Randonneur Mondeaux, 2001: 200, 300, 400 and 600 km.

Rules: Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux, July 1989.

Lights must be used when riding at night or in bad whether.
Red diodes are accepted as rear light.
Reflective chest band or west is required.
We recommend you to wear a bicycle helmet.

Norway: Oysten Rollf; +47 22 14 92 77
Sweden:Bengt-Göran Olsson; +46 31 29 55 98
The rest of the world: Johannes Kristiansen;+45 48 18 77 71

Entry Fee: Race Fees includes route description and medal. Price: 350 DKK
Johannes Kristiansen, Lynge Bygade 17, DK-3540 Lynge, Denmark.

Bike Inspection: Inspection of Bike and Equipment, PBP rules, and distribution of control cards and route descriptions will be at Vandrerhjem

On-site Registration: "Fladstrand", Frederikshavn. Friday July 20. 04.00-06.00 p.m.
The opening and closing times of the controls will be indicated on the control card. These times must be respected. Control cards must be signed at each of the controls, time and date.

Route Description:
Day 1: Frederikshavn to Knaered, 346 km.
Day 2: Knaered to Faergelanda, 319 km
Day 3: Faergelanda to Skien, 318 km
Day 4: Skien to Kristiansand, 218 km

All participants may start together every morning at 7.00 o'clock.

Transports: There will be two Support Vehicles along the route during the whole race. One of the Support Vehicles will also transport your luggage (1 bag) to the "Vandrarhjem" (Youth Hostels) in Knäred, Faergelanda, Skien, Kristiansand and back to Frederikshavn.

Transport is an option and must be ordered separately. Price: 350 DKK.

The participants will pay fees for all the ferries, approx. 250 DKK

Accommodation: The nights will be spent at Youth Hostels. Both bedclothes and towels are included. Breakfast will be served 06.00-07.00 a.m.
Before the start, Frederikshavn: Bed and breakfast.
During the race, Knaered, Faergelanda, Skien: Bed and breakfast + supper.
After the finish, Kristiansand: Bed and breakfast.

Accommod. and transport must be ordered together. Price: 2000 DKK
Payment to: Johannes Kristiansen, Lynge Bygade 17,
DK-3540 Lynge, Denmark Giro nr. 380 3708
Race: 350 DKK
Race + Transport: 700 DKK
Race + Transport + B a B: 2350 DKK
Entry and Payment;
Race: Monday, July 2, 2001.
Deadlines: Accommodation: Monday, March 20. 2001.

[Provided by Danelle Laidlaw]