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Pscyhikle Social Ride

Rainy Kent


The "Pscyhikle Social" will start (at 11 am on March 24) and finish (about 3 hours later) in the Seymour Demonstration Forest in North Vancouver. This is a "mystery" event so come prepared to have fun. This team adventure (teams will be chosen at the event start) will involve two cycling legs and a short hike/orienteering session. All you need to bring is your bike, walking/hiking shoes and smiles! Security isn't an issue as there will be a team of support people to watch your bikes and belongings while you participate in the hike/orienteering session of the event.

To get to the Seymour Demonstration Forest, go over the 2nd Narrows Bridge and take the 2nd exit north to Capilano College/Lillooet Road. Go past Capilano College, and the cemetery, and follow the signs. The Seymour Demonstration Forest is located at the north end of Lillooet Road in North Vancouver. We will be starting our ride at the north end of the parking lot. (If you are contemplating cycling to the event, be aware that the road into the Demonstration Forest is about 5 km of gravel. There is an alternate way to access the Demonstration Forest from Lynn Valley Headwaters). For more information about the event, contact Rainy Kent at or call at 298-3580.