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Gold Rush Randonnee (1200K Brevet in California in July)

Bill Bryant


The Davis Bike Club would like to extend a hearty invitation to our randonneuring colleagues in British Columbia to attend the first Gold Rush Randonnée on July 9-11th. The GRR route is a mixture of mountains and flat farmlands, all of it on scenic roads in some of California's last unspoiled regions. Standard randonneuring regulations and format will be used, namely 90 hours to complete the 1200 kilometers. Riders will need to do the normal Super Randonneur series of four brevets in spring of 2001 to gain automatic entry into the GRR before July 1st--but if their regional 600k brevet is too late for that, they should contact the DBC for other arrangements. The GRR controls are spaced every 80-100 kilometers and will have full support by the Davis Bike Club, the most active and experienced randonneuring club in the US. The club is also working with a travel agent to arrange travel packages for our foreign randonneuring colleagues and there will also be various tourist excursions during the ride itself for spouses and their children while the rider in the family does the GRR. Since Davis is centrally located in the northern part of the state, many popular tourist regions such as San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, or the famous Napa Valley region are all accessible for vacations before or after the event. For further information, write to:
Gold Rush Randonnée
c/o Dan Shadoan, Corresponding Secretary
2206 Whittier
Davis, CA, 95616

phone: (530) 756-9266

or visit the informative GRR web site at: