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Captain Electron

aka Ian Stephen


In the last issue, Captain Electron posed as Ian the cycling guy and got a new computer for Christmas. This allowed our cold-footed hero to proudly join the secret society of those who receive the newsletter electronically. Within days of joining that sacred few, Captain Electron received the call to action!

"First issue of the new year is available at"

With catlike reflexes, Captain Electron copied the URL to.... um, well, that place where urls go and clicked 'go'! "ZAP!" Countless electrons obeyed the Captains command and raced at immeasurable velocity through countless indefinable locations to bring home the prize the Captain so earnestly sought! Yet something was wrong. The newsletter seemed to be caught in some sort of cyber-glop! His trusty IBM said it was coming, but it was taking sooo looong. When it finally did appear on his screen the newsletter was trapped in an evil Adobe cage! "I must save this file!" roared Electron! It seemed he could not! What would become of the newsletter?

Summoning all his resources, Electron clicked this HELP and that HELP. He tried ONLINE HELP and OFFLINE HELP. He searched for keywords. He even consulted books. Still our hero was thwarted! Even so, Captain Electron would not give in. Defeat was not in his User Dictionary! In his exhausted state Captain Electron heard a distant voice call "Right-click the link". Electron stepped back to, poised his rapier-like pointer over "Issue 1" (Editor note: actually over "pdf" beside Issue 1) and right-clicked fiercely! Like magic a small menu appeared. Mystified, Captain Electron considered his choices.... "SAVE TARGET AS..." seemed a desperate gamble, but he bravely left-clicked it. A familiar looking 'Save As' window opened! Our hero specified a folder, kept the file name as it was and clicked Save. ZANG! Quicker than the Captains wits the file was safely nestled in his hard-drive.

In awe, Captain Electron found 'january.pdf' in the folder he had chosen and double clicked it. This time the good Adobe appeared, gently cradling the newsletter in its caring window. Still disbelieving, Electron repeated the procedure with the 2001 Membership Form link at Again his efforts met with perfect success! Yet Captain Electron was not satisfied. With furrowed brow he mused "Others may face this same terrible task. I must find a way to pass on this magic so they too might receive the newsletter electronically...."