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Thoughts on Providing Food on Rides

Gerry Nicol


On the Canada Day 133 ride Harold Bridge set the benchmark for food and refreshments for randoneur rides. On all the rides I have been on since then the rations have been rather meager or non existent. I went back last week end with my wife and retraced the ride in the car. We stopped in the village of Clayburn and went in the Clayburn Village store. What a surprise to find a lovely english tea room that we could get fresh currant scones with Devonshire Cream & local jam. I had the Ploughmans lunch, unfortunately they do not have a liquor license. Jennifer was delighted to find a very large display of British sweets in authentic glass jars. She found her favorite Everston mints there. Further down the road in the village we purchased a dozen local corn from an unattended display that worked on the honour system, you drop your money in a tin container. I can not image that system working any where around here, they would be off with the corn and the money box.

I have been riding with the Vancouver Bicycle Club on the week ends and just went down to Fairhaven just outside Bellingham last sunday on a very scenic 100 km ride. It is to bad that the B.C. Randonneurs close up the season so early. I noticed in the Audax UK calendar that there are rides in Britain right thru November and December.