Flèche Pacifique - Rules

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club


Trace Pacifique Rules Summary

The difference from the flèche rules is fairly minimal:

1. 2 to 6 machines
2. Finish supposed to be in the vicinity of the meeting point.
3. Max distance 360km, min distance 201km.
4. Start is 6.00 am Saturday
5. No riding after 10.00pm
6. Have to be at the banquet in Harrison at same time as regular Flèche, 9.00 am with same number of riders as Flèche one imagines.
7. A minimum of 3 controls spaced at least 50km apart, not icluding the start and finish controls.

There are no stipulations made about 2 hour maximum stop and there's obviously no 22 hour rule.

If the team is not at it's finishing location at 10 pm, the same rules apply as for the Flèche at the 24 hour mark. I don't see any point in allowing extra distance, since there is a 360 km maximum anyway.

From organizer Patrick Wright, February 2010

Go to: Full Trace Rules in French [PDF]