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Dan, Gerry, John & Wayne on their PBP qualifying 600 km in 1979 - Peace Arch border crossing.

1979 - Historical Notes

John Hathaway, Dan McGuire, Gerry Pareja and Wayne Phillips rode qualifying brevets in British Columbia and then Paris Brest Paris in France. This marked the beginning of randonneur cycling in BC and in Canada.

John had ridden PBP Audax in 1976 where he met Robert Lepertel (PBP "randonneur" organizer 1966-1999) who encouraged John to return for the randonneur version of PBP in 1979. In 1979 it was Gerry who coordinated the PBP registration with Lepertel, and then later set up the flow of randonneur information across Canada. Dan calls Gerry "the father of randonneur cycling in Canada."

Below is the Dan McGuire's control card from the very first BC brevet - 200 km New West, Lion's Bay, Brackendale. (Other control cards on BC artifacts page.)