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2012 Vancouver Island Brevets
200 km
July 14, 7 a.m.

Ride Organizer:
Steve Mahovlic

Start/Finish: Victoria, 2860 Colquitz Ave

Steve's notes from the pre-ride: The ride includes views from the Malahat, pastoral pedalling through the fields around Duncan and the Cowichan Valley, a quiet 'ride through the forest' on Humpback road, culminating in sweeping views of Victoria from Esquimalt Lagoon.

In spite of 2100 m of climbing over 205 km, and numerous stops for route sheet corrections, we completed in 10:30, a riding time of 8:19. For your viewing pleasure;


Hazards along the route include highway rumble strips, road debris including a dead deer in the shadows of a downhill run, two steep downhills ending at stop signs, potholes, some road slippage in areas, Duncan city traffic, one narrow twisting road, and a crossing of four lanes at Sooke Road. We recommend using caution at all times and increased vigilance in shadowed areas.

Should July 14th be as warm as we experienced for the pre-ride ensure you have enough food and fluids from control to control.

Route Sheet


Note: This is not the official route sheet. Ride organizers may make last minute changes because of road closures or other problems. The route sheet you receive at the start of the ride is the official one.